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File: 1631786943751.png–(27.25KB, 340x320, [email protected])
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File: 1613734735907.png–(21.92KB, 128x123, 361380537010749448.png)
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File: 1633538870591.png–(16.33KB, 631x501, SnP+NV.png)
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File: 1631782756780.png–(1.75MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4452.PNG)
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File: 1631707515203.jpg–(81.26KB, 650x650, abulia.jpg)
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gitta chan
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1631754139685.png–(158.25KB, 680x510, yotsubano.png)
no. girrachan
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1631754644891.jpg–(10.56KB, 320x320, jackwhite.jpeg)
giyya chan

File: 1619675931169.jpg–(67.95KB, 500x500, F7C53428-3B83-450D-A4F1-00EEC151C670.jpeg)
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Baner Book Reviews
Book: Name of The Wind
Rating: 4.26/5
Fog of book, one of my all time favourites. Amazing worldbuilding. Good story.

File: 1619585778918.jpg–(258.76KB, 1200x1200, prison healer.jfif)
R No.20  [Reply]
baner book review
the prison healer: 3.5/5
good for a YA fantasy book (all he reads)
¨ R No.21
1619585975654.jpg–(81.12KB, 948x1529, catcher in the rye.jfif)
lol YA
sayel book review
catcher in the rye: 4/5
angsty and beautiful, holden caulfield is the personification of you at your worst, challenging self reflection and awe at the wonder that is being a boundless 16 year old

File: 1617195698321.jpg–(34.64KB, 658x466, 7BF29A9C-6204-48BC-BBF3-D265C0883BFB.jpeg)
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¨ R No.19
girraween and its consequences have been disastrous for the human race

File: 1616979904565.png–(81.26KB, 568x471, lineofbestfit.png)
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no gradient formula allowed for line of best fit apparently RIP girraweeners
¨ R No.16
tfw 1/2x + 10
¨ R No.17
fuck maths

File: 1616455042845.jpg–(50.40KB, 678x452, C67B76DD-B34D-4841-9881-056EC4DA40FD.jpeg)
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¨ R No.14
top things to do in girraween
1. leave

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